Sourcing & manufacturing consulting services in China

Navigate the complexities of the Chinese sourcing landscape with our tailored sourcing & manufacturing consulting solutions, providing expert guidance and value-added services to drive success.
Customized consulting and industry-specific expertise
Comprehensive support for importing from China
Professional conflict resolution and translations
A map with different types of products that shows the different stages of manufacturing
We've collaborated with brands of all sizes — from emerging brands to fortune 500s

Consulting for sourcing & manufacturing

Maximize your business potential in the Chinese market with our tailored consulting services, helping you to overcome challenges and achieve success in the China sourcing market.

Product sourcing consulting

Our expertise of China's sourcing landscape helps you expertly navigate and tap into local markets, trade shows and undiscovered suppliers/products.

Manufacturing consulting

Collaborate with us to identify reliable, cost-effective Chinese manufacturers for streamlined processes, minimized risks and guidance on best practices.

Quality control consulting

Elevate product quality by leveraging our expert advice on best practices, connecting you with the right resources and setting your business up for success.

Compliance consulting

Mitigate risks, avoid penalties and prevent recalls by adhering to strict international standards through our regulatory insights, resources and recommendations.

Import/export consulting

Navigate complex trade regulations with ease while we guide you through customs procedures, documentation, duties/taxes and logistics for seamless transactions.

Conflict resolution

Resolve supplier disputes and protect your interests, our negotiators will facilitate open communication, advise on and mediate mutually beneficial solutions and outcomes.
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China sourcing & manufacturing, made "simple".

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Why choose us for China sourcing & manufacturing consulting services?

Our sourcing & manufacturing consulting is designed to support your unique needs and goals, providing the insights, guidance, and expertise needed to optimize your operations.

Expertise, on speed-dial

Leverage our extensive connections with factories, suppliers, contract manufacturers, 3PLs and more, unlocking new opportunities for your business.

Set up for success

Acquire strategies to optimize your supply chain, reduce lead times, alleviate defects, slash costs and guarantee a reliable flow of goods to your customers.

Work in harmony

Leverage our deep understanding of Chinese business culture to facilitate smoother negotiations, optimal terms and forge lasting partnerships.

Negotiate like a local

Develop expert negotiation tactics to secure favourable terms with suppliers, backed by years of experience in the Chinese business environment.

Breeze through customs

Learn the ins and outs of documentation, shipping, customs procedures, HS code research and more, to ensure hassle-free and lucrative imports.

Informed answers, anytime

Get prompt answers and expert advice to help you navigate any questions or challenges you face during the sourcing/manufacturing process.

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Other services we offer

Streamline your sourcing efforts and find the right solutions with our diverse range of services.

Product sourcing

Utilizing our local knowledge and expertise in navigating the Chinese market, our sourcing agents locate the products that you need – all for the best price, quality and lead-time.

Product development

Turn your idea or design into a production-ready masterpiece. From the design phase to prototyping, we'll help you create a functional design that's optimized for manufacturing.


Maximize success with our first-to-third-mile manufacturing solutions, leveraging our network, expertise and oversight to ensure quality, efficiency and optimal results.

Assembly & re-packing

Enhance your operations in China with our handling of assembly, re-packing, kitting and more, delivering eye-catching products and packaging that leaves a lasting impression.

Quality control & QA

Ensure product excellence with our rigorous inspection and testing methods, safeguarding your investment, reputation and customer satisfaction with vigilant quality control & QA.

Shipping, logistics & FBA

From LCL/FCL to air freight, we source the best rates, handle all the tedious admin work, manage customs clearance and ensure that shipments arrive safely to your warehouses.

Sample services

Streamline product development with our China-based sample management, offering collection, consolidation, evaluations, shipping and more, for informed decision-making.

Consulting & other services

Whether you require general consulting, import/export guidance, assistance in finding suitable resources, or simply have questions that require answers, we're here to help.

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All good things start with "hello". Drop us a line and let's source, design and manufacture something together.
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