Services we offer

As a China sourcing company — we help you source products from reliable factories, secure competitive pricing, follow-up production, ensure quality & deliver products to your warehouses.

Product sourcing

Utilizing our in-depth local knowledge and vast connections in China, our procurement specialists locate the products that you need – all for the best price, quality and lead-time.

Product development

Turn your idea or design into a production-ready masterpiece. From the design phase to prototyping, we'll help you create a functional design that's optimized for manufacturing.


Maximize success with our first-to-third-mile manufacturing solutions, leveraging our network, expertise and oversight to ensure quality, efficiency and optimal results.

Assembly & re-packing

Enhance your operations in China with our handling of assembly, re-packing, kitting and more, delivering eye-catching products and packaging that leaves a lasting impression.

Quality control & QA

Ensure product excellence with our rigorous inspection and testing methods, safeguarding your investment, reputation and customer satisfaction with vigilant quality control & QA.

Shipping, logistics & FBA

From LCL/FCL to air freight, we source the best rates, handle all the tedious admin work, manage customs clearance and ensure that shipments arrive safely to your warehouses.

Sample services

Streamline product development with our China-based sample management, offering collection, consolidation, evaluations, shipping and more, for informed decision-making.

Consulting & other services

Whether you require general consulting, import/export guidance, assistance in finding suitable resources, or simply have questions that require answers, we're here to help.
We've collaborated with brands of all sizes — from emerging brands to fortune 500s

Proven processes, proven results

Sourcing and importing products from China can be challenging, but with boots on the ground, expert oversight and the right partners, it doesn't need to be - it can be simple.

No misunderstandings

We bring perspectives of China, North America, Australia and Europe together. You won't feel misunderstood, you'll feel like you're doing business at home.

No unanswered questions

We operate on a tight ship. You can expect responses and updates from us within hours - not days. We value the importance of keeping you informed and aware.

No need to fly to China

Our local presence allows us to be on factory floors within minutes to provide clarity, accurate & constant updates. We're based in China, so that you don't have to be.

No cultural confusion

We understand the business culture in China, so you don't have to. In other words, we help you work in harmony with the people that you're entrusting your products to.

No 2 a.m. calls with China

We make it easy for you to do business in China. We do the 2 am calls with the factories and our internal staff, so that you can relax and rest through the night.

No miscommunication

"One" single word translated wrong can botch an outcome. We listen to your needs in your language and convey specifications to suppliers in their language.

Have a product in mind? Get a free quote.

No upfront costs, no obligationsjust a free quote and answers to any questions that you might have.
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Replace risk, with confidence

Your sourcing choices should compliment, not complicate.


Quality is non-negotiable for us. We take full responsibility for the products we provide to you and have strict measures in place to ensure quality is met.


Partner with seasoned experts who bring a wealth of knowledge to every phase of the sourcing, manufacturing, and importing process.


Tap into a reliable support system of best-in-class product designers, sourcing agents, logistics coordinators, and quality control specialists.

With Advanta

With your project in expert hands, you can expect to receive...
Lower unit costs
Lower freight costs
Lower import costs
Quality products
Favourable terms
Fast shipping
Reliable suppliers
A+ vendor relations
Accurate updates
Compliant products
Substantial savings
+ More benefits...
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Frequently asked questions

A Canadian-owned product sourcing company, that's based in China. Are we a match?
Where is your company based?
We're a Canadian-owned and operated product sourcing company that's based in Guangzhou, China. Our team is made up of premium talent from 10+ different countries; China, Canada, Australia, USA, Vietnam & through-out Europe!
Do you have any minimum orders?
Yes, we require minimum product orders of $2500 or more. For existing clients, we're happy to assist without any minimums or limitations.
How do you charge for your services?
No two clients needs are the same and the cost is determined by the requirements of your project. Submit your information through our contact form and we can discuss our different billing options with you.
What type of products do you work with?
If we're experienced with the materials used and the manufacturing process, we're able to take on your project. Submit your project information and we'll reach out to discuss how we can support your business.
How can we get started working with you?
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