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Hey there, we're Advanta,
a China sourcing company.

Founded in 2012, we're a Canadian-owned product sourcing, product development, quality assurance and project management company, headquartered in Guangzhou, China.

450+ customers worldwide

With a growing list of 450+ satisfied clients across 34 countries, we've helped businesses of all sizes source, design, manufacture and import — everything from organic Chile powder to industrial toolboxes.

4,300+ shipments sent

With over 4,300 successful shipments under our belt, we're committed to delivering quality service and ensuring that all orders are delivered on-time, on-spec and on-budget.

250M+ units produced

With more than 250M units produced, in products that range from a few cents to thousands of dollars per unit —we're proud of our flexibility in handling diverse products and small to large-scale production runs.

300+ qualified suppliers

With more than 300+ pre-vetted, trustworthy and reliable suppliers in our database, we take pride in our ability to offering our clients both high-quality products and dependable partnerships.

98% client retention

Our ability to maintain a 98% client retention rate is a reflection of the quality of our services and the trust clients have in us. This has resulted in repeat business from both small businesses and Fortune 500s globally.
Companies of all sizes — from start-ups to fortune 500s used our services to source, manufacture and import $50M+ of merchandise across 34 countries in 2022.
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Meet our founder

We're not just the average sourcing company or agent in China. We're Canadian owned, and have over a decade of experience that we carefully weave into each and every project.
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Matthew Chipchura
With an early interest in entrepreneurship and successful operation of multiple e-commerce shops at just 14 years of age, Matthew developed a deep understanding of Chinese culture, manufacturing in China and the common barriers importers face.

On a business trip to China in 2012, he observed that trustworthy, reliable, and English-speaking product sourcing agencies were virtually non-existent, so he sought out to create an immediate solution.

Using his knowledge in international trade, manufacturing and supply chain management, coupled with his passion for helping others — Advanta was founded.

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Our values

What do we value?

All sorts of things! But we particularly pride ourselves on:

Care about our team

Understand what matters to our employees and give them what they need to thrive and love their roles.

Master the art of talk

Operate on a tight ship. Provide responses and updates to clients within minutes or hours — not days.

Pride in what we do

Value quality and integrity in every action that we take and everything we do. At all times. No exceptions.

Listen and take action

Recognize and fulfill both stated and unspoken needs of customers and actively support their needs.

Go the extra mile

Take action that delivers results, but continually ask "how else can we help and save our clients more money?"

Attention to detail

We believe that quality products come from the best attention to detail. Don't overlook the small stuff.

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All good things start with "hello". Drop us a line and let's source, design and manufacture something together.
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Frequently asked questions

A Canadian-owned product sourcing company, that's based in China. Are we a match?
Where is your company based?
We're a Canadian-owned and operated product sourcing company that's based in Guangzhou, China. Our team is made up of premium talent from 10+ different countries; China, Canada, Australia, USA, Vietnam & through-out Europe!
Do you have any minimum orders?
Yes, we require minimum product orders of $2500 or more. For existing clients, we're happy to assist without any minimums or limitations.
How do you charge for your services?
No two clients needs are the same and the cost is determined by the requirements of your project. Submit your information through our contact form and we can discuss our different billing options with you.
What type of products do you work with?
If we're experienced with the materials used and the manufacturing process, we're able to take on your project. Submit your project information and we'll reach out to discuss how we can support your business.
How can we get started working with you?
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