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Advanta Sourcing is a leading product sourcing and manufacturing company with more than 250 customers worldwide. We make it easy for entrepreneurs & corporations to have their needs met.

We're staffed with a highly experienced and efficient team. With decades of combined manufacturing experience, our staff is well experienced and highly skilled to exponentially expand and simplify your business's supply chain.

Quality service & stress-free experience from start to finish. Advanta Sourcing is proud of our dedication to excellence, quality products, and the ease we create for our clients in facilitating the management of a superior supply chain.

Our team comprises of Chinese & North American experts. Our blending of Chinese & Foreign expertise is what makes us exceptionally unique. Your questions, needs & standards as a foreign company will be fully honored & understood.

Advanta Sourcing
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We replace risk with Confidence.

We are highly invested in providing a quality service and a stress-free experience from start to finish. We care that your experience with us is exceptional. And that's why we bring more to the table than our competition.
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We're different. We bring perspectives of China, Europe & North America together. You won't feel misunderstood or like you're dealing with a foreign company, you'll feel like you're doing business at home.

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You can expect consistent communication and reports from our team. You will have a detailed understanding of where your project is at all times. Your peace of mind is as equally important as the delivery of your product.

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Our team of designers have the experience to help build your brand by brainstorming new concepts & product ideas that will help move your company in the right direction.

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Our skilled team of experts provides outstanding service while delivering excellent results, endorsed by quality client relationships, and an impeccable reputation as a leader and innovator in the manufacturing industry.

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Our commitment, reliability, and love for manufacturing extends to the sustainability of the environment. We invest in many green initiatives that result in energy savings along with waste and carbon-footprint reductions.

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Your feedback matters to us. Our growth depends on our ability to listen and meet your needs. We never just assume we've delivered excellence, we always follow-up and ask.